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International Shipping:

We ship our flavors international via United States Postal Service.  We also use UPS now for large orders, such as Gallons.  The main countries we are ship to presently include, but not limited to; Canada, United Kingdom, Japan, Hong Kong, Austrailia and Singapore.  We ship in 4 kilo sized boxes. This means about 4 kilos of product fits in our international flat rate boxes.  A gallon jug is four kilos, for example.  So if you are ordering seven gallons, you need to hit the button below 7 times.  Many people order six gallons but only pay one fee and we are tired of that.  They hope we do not "notice."  We now will refund the entire order but retain $50 for our wasted time when people try this trick--as of april 1, 2022.  We CAN almost eliminate 90% of ship fees if our customers are willing to take 100x power instead of 10x power.  See if you like our flavors first, we are sure you will, then contact CPA-FlavorLabsInc AT to ask more about sending small ultra powerful flavor.  We basically skip the "filler" on our end, the item not detrimental to great flavor.  We will do this for established clients.  They would use ten times less, for example on their end.

9 sixteen ounce bottels can also fit in a flat rate as 4 kilos.  Customers generally buy 9 16 ounce bottles which equals a little over 4 kilos to maximize their shipping.  You can also buy two half gallons or one gallon to equal the 4 kilo ship size of our box.  You can buy as little as one kilo but the shipping fee will stay the same.  We are about to offer a blending chart on our BLOG so customers can mix to make many other varieties of flavor and this will save our business owners money also.

We can ship to almost any country but the shipping fees will be about $70 USD for 4 kilos. Duration is usually 14 days to your door, usually 10 of those days are actual transit.  Canada runs about $60 higher than the states for 4 kilos.  If you are international please add the appropriate quantity of shipping.  For example, click quantity "2" if you have 2 flat rate boxes being shipped internationally.  Your package will be prepared, but will not leave until the appropriate shipping is paid.

International Shipping Fee Per Box
The prices here take into consideration some shipping (Handling and customs paperwork)  is in your actual order.  This option will stay in your cart as you go back to select flavors.


Canada   $60 USD  per 4 kilos         

All Other Countries   $70 USD per 4 kilos            

4 kilos covers ONE GALLON or TWO half Gallons. If you are ordering several gallons you need to add to the cart more ship fees.  If you want to pretend you did not see this, and waste our time in refunds - we will refund your money and withold $50 for wasting our time.  So many people try this we had to create a penalty.